Speisen & Wein 

Freitag - Sonntag

12 - 19 Uhr

Buffets from 20 persons


Pinot Monte Neiberie (sparkling wine)
1 Fl. 21,00
Tracht & Traminer (sparkling wine)
Magnum 1,5 lt 35,00
Rosé Frizzante (sparkling wine)
1 FL. 18,00
Dirndlspritzer (Frizzante, sparkling water, cherry juice)
¼ lt 4,20
Welcome-Schnaps (apricot, pear, Obstler, raspberry)
2cl 3,00

Saisonal offers

Cold punch (different varieties)
1/4 lt 4,20
Grape juice & fermented must
1/4 lt 3,20
Warm punch
1/4 lt 4,20
Mulled wine
1/4 lt 3,90


Place-setting with table cloth
p.P. 1,60
Fresh flower arrangements, depending on the season
per table 23,00


Welcome snacks with different spreads

Ideal companion to an aperitif

p.P. 1,60
Sweet chestnut and /or roasted potatoes

*saisonal offer

p.P. 2,60
Different spreads with rolls and bread

set on the table

p.P. 3,20
Starterplate 1 (from 10 persons)

Variety of goat cheese & grilled antipasti, rolls & butter

p.P. 7,60
Starterplate 2 (from 10 persons)

Smoked ham with melon, mozzerella with tomato, roastbeef with sauce tartare, rolls & butter

p.P. 8,60


Der Klassiker (from 20 persons)

grilled chicken or fried chicken in breadcrumbs, escalope from pork and chicken, pork leg, cooked ham, lean carree, roast pork, meat balls, fried vegetables with sauce tartare, souffle of noodles with ham or souffle of vegetables, black pudding & grilled sausages, bread dumplings, pickled cabbage, different salads (beans, cabbage, green beans, cucumbers, potatoes, asparagus salad,…..), horseradish, mustard, bread & rolls

p.P.    25,00
Saumäßig guat! (from 40 persons)

sucking pig, roastbeef, lean carree, roast pork, black pudding & grilled sausages, meat balls, fried vegetables with sauce tartare, different souffles with noodles & vegetables, fried cheese, fried chicken in breadcrumbs or grilled chicken, escalope from pork & chicken, dumplings filled with different meat & cracklings or bread dumplings, pickled cabbage, different salads, horseradish, mustard, bread & rolls

p.P.    30,00
Schmackhaft & leicht (from 20 persons)

Fried vegetables, fried fish, lean carree with sauerkraut & dumplings, soufflés of vegetables, soufflés of noodles with ham and cheese, roast beef with sauce tartare, grilled chicken, escalope of pork, escalope of chicken, strudel filled with vegetables, spinach & goat cheese, black pudding with potato, different salads, mustard, horseradish, bread & rolls

p.P.    27,00
Das deftige Buffet (from 30 persons)

sucking pig, bread dumplings, pickled cabbage, warm cabbage, lentils with bacon, fried vegetables with sauce tatare, different souffles with noodles & vegetables, fried chicken in breadcrumbs, grilled chicken, escalope from pork & chicken, differnet salads, horseradish, mustard, bread & rolls

p.P.    26,00


Warm strudels filled with apple or sweet cheese
p.P.    3,70
Warm strudels filled with apple or sweet cheese & vanilla cream
p.P.    4,80
Selection of cakes & strudels
p.P.    3,80
Selection of Petit Fours
Stück      2,20
Three kinds of sweet dumplings with stewed plums & butterd breadcrumbs
p.P.    5,80


Selection of cheeses with butter, bread & rolls
p.P.    4,80
Fresh fruits on the buffet, depending on the season
basket 40,00

For your birthday and anniversary celebration we can order different cakes, in different sizes with or without decorations. Please inform us in advance.

Important Information


The above prices are for the year 2020! Any price increases are reserved!
Payment should be on same day either cash or by credit card (Visa, Master, Maestro). For larger events and group reservations from abroad we ask for a deposit.
Tip is not included in our prices.

Our service staff thanks you for your tip!

Confirmation & Cancellation

Reservations will only be considered by us a fix if you provide it in writing - buschenschank@fuhrgassl-huber.at. Written cancellations are free until four weeks before the event. Otherwise, we have to calculate 10% of the buffet price. One week before the event we have to calculate 50% of the buffet price.


We ask you to give us the exact number of people, the choice of buffets and other important details at the latest two weeks before the event.

Allergen / buffet labeling

We kindly ask you for a written notification if you need a labeling for your buffet incl. the allergens!

We look forward

We hope that our offer will suit you! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you at our winery!

With best regards
Huber Family & Team Fuhrgassl-Huber